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elektryczne ogrzewanie podłogowe

Learn about nVent RAYCHEM electric underfloor heating

Home heating combines many important aspects. Choosing the right system will ensure high comfort in your home, but at the same time it will affect your bills. Therefore, many people are looking for the perfect combination - electric underfloor heating. You will find with us a solution for every room: cables and heating mats under tiles, vinyl floor, wood floor and floor panels.


Heating mat under tiles and panels

Heating mat under tile and laminate flooring

For underfloor heating applications, ideal for renovation projects on all stable substrates installed under tile, stone, parquet, or vinyl flooring.

  • QuickNet-90 heating power of 90 W/m² - under vinyl, wood panels
  • QuickNet-160 heating power of 160 W/m² - under tiles
under-tile heating cable

Heating cable under tiles, an interesting and cheaper solution than a heating mat

T2Black kits designed for electric heating under tiles or for sinking into self-levelling screed from 15 to 50 mm thick.

  • T2Blue-12 heating power 12 W/m - installation in grooves or in 15 - 30 mm screed
  • T2Black-20 heating power 20 W/m - installation in 30 - 50 mm screed
Heating cable for storage heating

Heating cable for underfloor storage heating, for concrete screed

T2Blue kits for use in underfloor storage heating, typically in new construction projects, installed directly in 10-50 mm thick screed or in foundation slabs.

self-regulating heating cable

Floor heating cable, self-regulating and energy-efficient

Pre-completed and ready-to-connect, energy-efficient and intelligent heating cable for electric floor heating. Suitable for new buildings or renovations and for all substrates and floor coverings.

  • T2Red floor insulation board
Floor insulation board for heating

Reflecta floor insulation board for T2Red cable, additional energy savings of 20%

For underfloor heating applications, new builds or renovations, suitable for all substrates and floor coverings. The Reflecta aluminum-coated floor insulation board, together with the T2Red self-regulating heating cable, creates an energy-efficient and intelligent electric underfloor heating system.

  • Reflecta depending on how the spacing between the wires is maintained, we can achieve between 35 and 100 W/m².
heating cable for passive house

Passive house underfloor heating cable

Low heating power underfloor heating cable, especially suitable for well-insulated applications in modern energy-efficient buildings.



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Electric underfloor heating

Home heating combines many important aspects. Choosing the right system will ensure high living comfort, but at the same time will affect the amount of bills. That is why many people are looking for the perfect combination - electric underfloor heating. You will find a solution for every room: cables and heating mats under tiles, vinyl and wooden floors and floor panels.

Why choose nVent RAYCHEM electric underfloor heating?

Contrary to the opinions electric heating is one of the most economical solutions. It works perfectly with photovoltaic installations, thanks to which you can further reduce your electricity bills.

A set of heating mats for tiles with a WiFi thermostat is very practical - you get access to control via an application or phone from anywhere in the world. Such solutions are used in modern intelligent homes.

Even heating of the entire floor area gives a feeling of pleasant warmth, and at the same time allows for optimal use of thermal energy. Electric storage underfloor heating additionally stores heat and releases it slowly throughout the day.

Cables and heating mats under the tiles are extremely easy to install. We also provide additional materials, such as insulation boards for heating mats and cables. You can buy everything you need from us.

Even heating of the entire room from the floor prevents air vortices in the room. Thanks to this, dust and pollen do not rise into the air, which is favorable for allergy sufferers. Installing electric underfloor heating is also good for your health.

High quality and lowest price

We offer products made of the highest quality materials. Our systems also enjoy high reliability and long service life. Therefore, we provide a 20-year warranty for them, with floor repairs to the condition before the failure.

Check out our floor heating cables for concrete, screed, screed and foundation slab. A huge selection of models allows you to adjust the heating to your needs (room size and floor thickness).

We also have advanced and easy-to-use equipment for control and control of electric underfloor heating. In this way you can set the parameters of the devices and enjoy a fully automated home heating system. Room and floor thermostats, including devices with WiFi access, you can purchase from us separately (for an existing installation) or in a heating set with a thermostat.

With just a few clicks you can buy a heating cable for a floor heating or a modern thermostat from us. However, we also help people who just want to install electric underfloor heating. You can contact us at any time, and we will be happy to answer all your questions and suggest which system will work best for you -

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