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Electric heating in the wall

Electric heating in the wall

Electric heating can be used both on floors and inside walls. In homes, heating mats are most often installed under panels, tiles or other types of flooring. On the other hand, fixing heating cables in the walls rarely seems a favorable solution. So in what situations is it used?

Electric wall heating

Electric wall heating is invisible when tiles are installed. Unlike additional radiators, it also does not take up additional space in the bathroom. This fact can be very important in many cases. Installing a heating mat under the tiles is also a cheaper solution than pulling central heating all the way to the bathroom (if electric underfloor heating was previously installed in the bathroom). Many people are taking advantage of the above advantages. How?

Heating mat in the wall as a hidden year-round heater

Electric heating in the wall

Installing even a small separate heating mat on the wall near the towel racks can create a modern electric heater for the bathroom. It will replace the typical radiators on which many people hang a wet towel to dry it. In this case, just hang it on a hook on the wall, and the wall heating will act as a radiator.

If this is to be the primary function of the installed heating mat, it is worth installing a separate heating mat in the wall for this purpose which will be controlled by an individual thermostat.

A simple manual R-TE thermostat operating on the principle of a dial. Its wired sensor is mounted as in a floor mat, i.e. between the heating cables. We set the controller to work in measurement mode relative to the floor temperature (wired sensor).

R-TE thermostats also come with a standard 12-year warranty.

Developers fight for every centimeter

In the construction industry, every centimeter matters a lot. By not having an extra towel radiator, you can move a bathroom wall by a few centimeters, making a room or kitchen feel bigger.

The bathroom wall can be moved by a few centimeters.

Perfect for drying towels

Mounting a small bathroom heating mat near the hangers, allows you to dry them. Now you don't have to look for a place to hang up wet towels. For this reason, this solution is gaining great popularity in hotels, houses and apartments. Convenience and functionality are perfectly combined with the aesthetics of a concealed wall heater.

Always clear mirror

When you take a bath or shower, the entire bathroom momentarily evaporates. The water also settles on the mirror, making our reflection blurry and unclear. Placing a heating mat on the wall behind the mirror allows you to constantly reheat its surface. As a result, you will always be able to look at yourself in the mirror without any problem. Importantly, this solution is completely safe. The wires are sunk a few centimeters deep into the wall, so you can touch it with a wet hand without worrying about your health.

Warming the room

Heating the bathroom can sometimes be very beneficial. On the one hand, it provides even better temperature distribution in the bathroom and faster drying of the walls, on the other hand, it allows you to reduce the room to an even smaller size. Electric underfloor heating under tiles does not always manage to heat the entire bathroom due to limited floor space. However, additional heating mats in the walls increase the temperature inside.

The perfect solution for everyone

As you can see, the use of electric wall heating has many important functions, used in various cases. Combining them with the lifespan and reliability of nVent RAYCHEM systems, you can build the bathroom of the future, where the comfort of warm floors and walls surpasses anything you've encountered so far. Clean mirrors, quick-drying walls and towels drying on their hangers at the sink.

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