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Room thermostats for heating mats and heating cables

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Room thermostats nVent RAYCHEM are used to control electric floor heating. They are required for proper operation of heating mats and floor heating cables with constant resistance. The room thermostats come with a 12-year Total Care warranty which includes replacement of the thermostat with a new one if properly installed by a qualified electrician. The warranty can be extended to 20 years as long as installed by an authorized PRO RAYCHEM installer.


Termostat for electric floor heating

The thermostat allows you to automatically control the temperature in your home. The temperature sensor continuously checks how warm the house is, while the entered program defines the target temperature depending on the time of day. It makes it easier to comfortably adjust the conditions in the building to the needs of the householders. It also makes it possible to periodically turn off heating systems when they are not needed (for example, at night or when everyone is away from home). Modern solutions give you even more control over your electric floor heating. For example, WiFi-enabled thermostats mean controlling the temperature of our rooms using an app via cell phone from anywhere we have an internet connection. Check which solution to choose for your home.

Room thermostat for heating mat

Temperature sensor

The typical room thermostats that control the furnace use only the air temperature sensor in a given room. This is a common solution, as it allows control of the heat felt by the householder. In the case of electric floor heating, a sensor is also installed in the floor. Such a solution is particularly suitable for electric floor heating and underfloor storage heating. This is because in this case the concrete screed is heated during the night or in the evening to ensure a stable temperature around the clock. Therefore, often the thermostat for underfloor heating can operate both sensors to even better control the conditions in the house. Especially since, as of 2022, only thermostat models that ensure that the system is turned off for a minimum of one hour each day can be sold. This is enforced by the EU Directive 2015/1188, popularly known as EcoDesig.

What should a good room thermostat feature?

Every electric floor heating system requires the installation of a thermostat. However, there are better and worse models on the market. What to pay attention to when buying a thermostat for your home?

  • Number of sensors. With underfloor heating, it is optimal to read both the temperature of the floor and the air in the room.
  • Accuracy of readings and settings. Sensors operate with a certain degree of accuracy. The thermostat should provide an accuracy of at least 0.2 to effectively control the heating.
  • Setting range. In many situations, a range of up to twenty-something degrees is sufficient, as higher temperatures are generally not used. However, the controller works best in the middle part of the range, while more setting inaccuracies can occur at the limit values. Therefore, it is worth choosing a model with a range of up to 40 degrees to ensure that it works only in the optimal, middle part of the scale.
  • Control mode. The thermostat can operate on the basis of measuring air temperature, floor temperature or readings from both sensors. More advanced models always use two sensors, air and floor, for optimal and energy-efficient operation.
  • Operation modes. A key element that allows you to schedule the controller's operation. The basic option is a weekly programmer and a fixed (manual) setting. However, it is worth looking for a model that offers a holiday mode and protection against freezing.

An example of an advanced controller is the Raychem Senz WiFi room thermostat. In addition to optimal parameters, it also has voice and Internet (via phone) control. This makes it easier to set comfortable conditions in the house when you return to it.

Another interesting option is the controller's adaptation to the operating conditions. You set the desired temperature for a given time, and the thermostat will calculate on its own when it should turn on the heating cables. This is the "adaptation" function.

Room thermostat for underfloor heating

Modern thermostat for your home

When choosing the best thermostat, it is worth checking its exact characteristics, especially in terms of programming capabilities and accuracy of temperature settings. However, in many situations it is worth investing in modern solutions. WiFi controller means convenience and greater possibilities for every householder.

Buying from us, you can additionally count on the best warranty. Not for three years or five. With us you get a 12-year warranty on the thermostat, with the possibility of extending it to 20 years! If you are undecided about a particular controller, contact us. We'll help you choose the best model for you.

Extend your room thermostat warranty to 20 years

A prerequisite for the above warranty is that the installation be performed by an installer certified by PRO RAYCHEM.

The nVent RAYCHEM room thermostats are a good choice!

The room thermostat contains special software, so it becomes possible to set the minimum and maximum temperature to be in a particular room. Sensors present in the thermostat detect the current temperature from the environment and adjust it to the settings preferred by the user. Automating the entire process translates into great convenience and time savings. You can enjoy the optimal temperature without having to manually change the settings. It is possible to set a fixed temperature to which the room is to be heated and a specific time for the heating to start. This allows you to enjoy pleasant warmth first thing in the morning, after returning from work. Modern thermostats allow you to turn the system on remotely, control it through a mobile app. Room thermostats allow you to save electricity.

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